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This request is for photos of people using Android phones only. We want to see photos that clearly show the subject that is being captured. Find things around your house or go out and shoot with friends. Look for bright colors and it is important leave room for negative space or copy. Focus on a balanced composition and natural light to get a bright look and feel.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Copy Space Lifestyle Objects Technology
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8 years ago - Thanks for the invitation!
8 years ago - hi everyone im new too and my advice is to just have fun with it and let the world see your scenes
8 years ago - @micheal Chavez : here is how it works, first read the brief, then if you have a photo that fits that brief then hit the submit button it will then take you to where your photos are, click on the photo you want to submit then if you want to edit it you can if not hit submit, it's done
8 years ago - I'm new to this app so i don't understand how this works