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February is the month of LOVE. In this Snapwire Challenge, we're looking for photos of couples only. It can be travelling, in a romantic date, hanging out or even at home watching movies or having a meal together. Let's keep the theme romantic but not too sexual. We will post the winner in our Instagram page so be sure to follow us at @snapwire. Happy Shooting!

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7 years ago - i just joined today. when is the annoucing of winners? and basically how many will be selected? pls educate me. thanks.
7 years ago - @KeithWagner the buyer reviews the submitted images and gives a nomination when they feel it is appropriate. Your best chance of success is to upload the best work you have that fits the request.
7 years ago - Ho Do I Get My Photo Nominated ?
7 years ago - Never thought about this before, but are we not able to upload the same photo to multiple requests?
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