#ShelterWithSnapwire Scenes from a Global Pandemic

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Today we launch #ShelterWithSnapwire: Scenes from a Global Pandemic. This challenge will last the rest of May as we encourage you to document how COVID19 has affected you & your city. In addition to submitting your images, please caption your experiences with our community. We want to give you a platform to be heard. Big or small, everyone has been affected by the coronavirus in some way.

This week's #ShelterWithSnapwire is inspired by Snapwire creator, Tim Franco who is facing the crisis by documenting South Korea's "new normal" in his series "COVID19 - Dispatch from Seoul." Preserving history aside, Franco shows how South Korea's approach to the coronavirus has kept their country from implementing shelter in place orders. Check out the blog for the full interview and inspiration: https://www.snapwi.re/blog/timfranco-thenewnormal

Stay safe, happy, & creative!

Reminder of #ShelterWithSnapwire guidelines:

COVID-19 has the world quarantined, social distancing, & facing the bleak reality that most "normalcy" in our lives has come to a halt.

To fill that creative & human void, we are launching weekly challenges to creatively motivate  while spreading positivity through our community. Just because you are stuck at home, does not mean your art has to be put on pause.

New challenges will be launched on Wednesday with all themes relating to activities you can do while practicing safe social distancing.

Similar to standard SW Challenges, photos will be nominated and selected for our marketplace, but 3 winning images will be purchased.

Use the tag #ShelterWithSnapwire on social media for a chance to be featured on our accounts.

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