#ShelterWithSnapwire: Video Chat Portraits

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COVID-19 has the world quarantined, social distancing, & facing the bleak reality that most "normalcy" in our lives has come to a halt.

To fill that creative & human void, we are launching weekly challenges to creatively motivate while spreading positivity through our community. Just because you are stuck at home, does not mean your art has to be put on pause.

New challenges will be launched on Wednesday, lasting 7 days, with all themes relating to activities you can do while practicing safe social distancing.

Similar to standard SW Challenges, photos will be nominated and selected for our marketplace, but 3 winning images will be purchased.

Use the tag #ShelterWithSnapwire on social media for a chance to be featured on our accounts.

This first #ShelterWithSnapwire Challenge is "portraits taken through video calls." Inspired by photographers John Keatley & Alessio Albi (shown in the examples) create portraits by taking screenshots on your video calls on phones, ipads, and computers.

Direct your model to move in particular ways or change the lighting. Do you keep your face in it as well? Is it a group chat with multiple models interacting? Play with the angles of where you camera is placed.

Stay healthy, safe, & creative!

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2 years ago - Hi people, am a newbie so I don't know how this really works. Pls I'd like someone to lend a helping hand ...😊 Thanks
2 years ago - Thank you Snapwire for the Nomination!
2 years ago - hi people of the universe.I'm new at this and not the best camera on phone.but please like and enjoy my ametur shots!health,love and light to all.
2 years ago - How to upload??
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2 years ago - thank you snapwire
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, @snapwire 🙏🏻🙏🏻
2 years ago - how do you get paid and when do you get paid for your photos
2 years ago - hi guys my name is armaan and I like to be a professional photographer so I want anybody to help plz
2 years ago - Thank you @snapwire Take care everyone, stay safe.
2 years ago - How to I upload??
2 years ago - yes I'd like to know as well
2 years ago - hello... I'm new to this photo buying and selling thing... how exactly does this work to earn money?
2 years ago - Very nice topic in these days of quarantine!