Snow Day

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up to your entire city covered in a white blanket of snow? As record breaking blizzard storms travel across the United States, many Americans are stuck in a snow day. While some are able to ski to the grocery store, build snowmen, and cuddle up for some hot chocolate - many have been hit with the harsher realities of winter storms such as power outages, road closures, and food shortages.

Inspired by our new Snapwire Intern Karissa, currently covered in snow in Austin, Texas, we launch this #SWChallenge to capture the good, the bad, and the cold scenes of a snowy day. As artists, capturing the world and stories around us our way of preserving and bringing awareness reality - even if you may need a few pairs of gloves to create!

Additionally, we have created a list of resources to help anyone in need in Texas or if you are in the position to donate or support:

Good luck, stay warm, & stay safe Snapwire!

*All example photos are by the New York Times

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