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At Snapwire, we have a motto: expose and pose. We know that the more sterile the photo, the more people can use it, so we look specifically for imagery that’s so bland it can be reused (again, and again, and again) regardless of medium or industry. Submit your most cheesy, posed, stocky, hilarious images. Think Vince Vaughn's recent campaign to promote Unfinished Business, or the worst offenders on those lists of stock photography fails. Bonus points if you include photos of people who are very cheerful about mundane tasks, women laughing over salads, and anything in a business setting with a plain white backdrop. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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9 years ago - Congratulations on winning the Stockiest Stock Photo Challenge @lauramidd Your image of a dog riding a bike fits well within the realms of strange stock images. We love it!
9 years ago - Thank you for nomination!!!!
9 years ago - thank you so much for the nomination 🌿🙏☀️❤️
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
9 years ago - thank you for the Nomination
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations! Really appreciate it :)
9 years ago - Thanks
9 years ago - Thanks for the nom. I really enjoyed this challenge.
9 years ago - Thanks for nomination!!!! So excited to upload more photos...
9 years ago - Thanks👍
9 years ago - Great 😃
9 years ago - Congrats to all as always. 🍻✌️
9 years ago - Same here Marino Pili..all of mine were removed and this isn't the first time
9 years ago - @Snapwire I'm a bit confused on why you removed my photos...were they not 'stocky' enough 😐😀
9 years ago - Haha, this is great;)
9 years ago - Thanks Snapwire!
9 years ago - Sheer brilliance! Love it
9 years ago - The email about this was just too funny!! Happy April Fool's Day Snapwire!!
9 years ago - Awesome
9 years ago - Is this @Snapwire's idea of April Fool's day 😃 I thought Snapwire was all about the opposite 😀
9 years ago - Hahaha! This is fantastic!