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One of the many jobs that accompany the warmer summer nights is the prevalence of many Summer fairs and carnivals all across the country. There are few ways more enjoyable to spend a summer night, riding carnival rides, eating an assortment of bizarre fried foods, and trying your luck at a few challenging (and possible rigged) games. This challenge is all about embracing the Summer Fair, and taking a shot at $75 while you're out there. Fairs are a great place to test out some long exposures, thanks to all the bright and colorful lights. A few seconds of a spinning ride can result in a beautiful abstract image. So if there is a fair around you, go ride a tilt-a-whirl, chow down on a fried candy bar, and win a goldfish. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

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Example 2:©Texas.713 via Flickr
Example 3:©Nathan Adams via Flickr

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8 years ago - Congratulations @Soulmento on winning this Snapwire challenge. We loved this fun and exciting shot a child's fun at the carnival.
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8 years ago - I was nominated on the first level. But if you submit photos you get points. That's how you level up at first. Being nominated certainly helps big time though!
8 years ago - Thank you :)
8 years ago - I just joined about a week ago and I just became a shooter. I believe once you get nominated you level up. Just keep at it!
8 years ago - Just wondering how difficult it is to get nominated as an Explorer? I've just recently joined and haven't seen many in the challenges I've looked at. Any help/tips appreciated! Thanks!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - You should definitely extend this challenge to include the following weekend, that's when the "Proud American" Fair happens near me, I won't have opportunity for pictures until then :(