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Vape has become popular for people who are trying to avoid nicotine and slowly stop smoking regular cigarettes. So for this SW Challenge, we're looking for photos of vapes or electronic cigarettes which are handheld devices that simulate the feeling of smoking. Photos of people or person doing cool vaping tricks and smoke rings or other smoke shapes from vaping tricks. Will post the best photo on our social medias so be sure to follow us! Good luck and Happy Shooting!

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5 years ago - I have more than 200 photos of e cigarettes. If You need more then one contact me on mail. Thank You for nominations!
5 years ago - vote for mine
5 years ago - klass
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations...but I have 6 nominations and only I can see 5 pics with the stick... it was removed?
5 years ago - please select me
5 years ago - please watch my photos
5 years ago - «Пар на 95% безопаснее дыма» «Парю, где хочу — законом не запрещено»
5 years ago - wow
5 years ago - nice
5 years ago - nice