White and Gold

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This Snapwire Challenge is inspired by the internet sensation that is "The Dress". Whether or not you see it as white and gold or blue and black, we want to see your best images. Images for this challenge should contain the colors White and Gold in any variety of subject. Find these colors in nature upon the petals of a flower or the feathers and beak of a bird. An elegant white dress embellished with gold accents or gold jewelry. The subject of you images is up to you, but just make sure to primarily include white and gold within your images.
Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

P.S. We all Know the Dress is Black and Blue :)

All Example Images used under Creative Commons 2.0 License:
example1:©Khalid Belhaji via Flickr
example2:©allfr3d via Flickr
example3:©the great 8 via Flickr

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Messages posted by users

8 years ago - Thank you Snapwire team! Glad you liked my photo among all of these awesome captures nominated for this challenge! 🙏
8 years ago - Congratulations @artpoca for winning this Snapwire Challenge. You captured these two colors in quite the unique way. We love it!
8 years ago - tyty ;)
8 years ago - Thanks!
8 years ago - I think there needs to be a photo limit to one photo per request, regardless of the level. There are too many photos on some requests. Maybe if nominaed, then you can upload a 2nd pic. I'm losing faith in this site. Also, I question the seriousness of buyers that never purchase.
8 years ago - I just think there needs to be a way to address those who are clearly abusing the system to get points. It helps the integrity of the site. :)
8 years ago - Thank you for nomination! ... and thanks to #linze118 and #LeoneVonDizic for your "likes"
8 years ago - Thanks Guys :)
8 years ago - Super nominations! I'm so proud to be among them. Thank you snapwire x and thank you for listening and always willing to improve.
8 years ago - xo
8 years ago - Snapwire is meant for photographers to constantly improve, and it should be a fun experience. However reading all of these negative comments makes it less fun. So please just worry about your own photos & how you can improve them and let the other photographers enjoy their experience on Snapwire.
8 years ago - I believe that the buyer has the right to decide if the photo is relevant or not. One of my photos was removed by the buyer the other day because it wasn't what they wanted. No hurt feelings on my part and it let me know that I needed to improve my images if I were to resubmit to the request.
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination :-))
8 years ago - and what irritate me was I've seen couple of member who is 'pro' but not acting as a 'pro'. Well status is just meaningless here. and surely these members should be downgraded as they don't deserve the so to speak 'title'.
8 years ago - There are pros and cons if buyer or community to decide. My opinion is snapwire to be acting as a moderator to see which images fit the requests.
8 years ago - Of course the buyer should decide but if a photog submits dozens and dozens of photos that are not remotely in line with the brief, it hurts those of us that do. There should be a means to stop someone from doing it and gaining points.
8 years ago - If a buyer doesn't think your photo has anything at all to do with the brief they should be able to reject it on those grounds and points are lost.
8 years ago - I agree that it should be the buyer that decides if a photo is relevant, but there should also be something in place for the person doing the scamming to lose points for doing it. Otherwise it will continue and they will get to be considered a great photographer because of their point total.
8 years ago - @Snapwire - although there are some obvious pics in certain challenges which seem 100% not relevant - which I think is funny.
8 years ago - @Snapwire I agree that the buyer should get to decide if the picture is relevant to their request. There may be pics which aren't relevant to others, but may be so to the buyer due to artistic creation. This was a fun challenge by the way! I would appreciate feedback on pics submitted.
8 years ago - Agree with @Chroyaytch: buyers make the decision not the community. Some members ignore the brief, others have a language barrier to understanding. Interpretations should be encouraged as some buyers nominate shots that contradict their briefs. We shouldn't vote on the worth of another's image.
8 years ago - Thank you!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - @Snapwire, Thank you so much for the nomination :) Regarding all discussions by here, I think @Chroyaytch has right. A feature that will allow all users to rate a photo for accuracy and suggest it's removal I think that may become a kind of cannibalization... Is just an opinion :)
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - Thanks for the nominations! I noticed a serious problem in the android app today. When managing pics it deleted one of my nominated without my knowledge.
8 years ago - Thank you very much for the nominations!!
8 years ago - @Snapwire Thank You for the nomination:)
8 years ago - @Snapwire - Wow, thank you SO much for all the nominations! Some absolutely beautiful images here, great stuff, everyone! :-)
8 years ago - Let the buyers rate and decide. It shouldn't be left for other photographers to downgrade other users photos so they have a better chance at being chosen themselves. What other people submit should be of no concern to anyone other than the buyer.
8 years ago - We are shipping a feature that will allow all users to rate a photo for accuracy and suggest it's removal. The community activity will affect a user's publicly viewable accuracy rating.
8 years ago - The sad thing is......he can post an unlimited amount of photos. He'll be at the top of the list before you know it.@snapwire....something has to be done to put a stop to this and they should lose points for posting like this. The others are right it ruins it for the buyer and the photographers.
8 years ago - How about a "this photo does not match the category" button... if it reaches 30 likes it's out lol :p ... but then... it's all in the eye of the viewer.. Maybe he sees something that we're missing. Awesome pictures guys.. love seeing everybody's work.
8 years ago - Fantastic photos Anastasiia. Love the hindu portrait. @cococinema
8 years ago - Completely agree. I think there needs to be a penalty of some kind for those people who totally disregard the brief. It's tedious for me, so I can only imagine what a buyer thinks.
8 years ago - @julesinlr @alyssa13x @markespi214 I agree. Lot of pictures submitted don't even come near to satisfying the request. Photographers should maintain the sanctity of the request & submit responsibly.
8 years ago - Good one lol
8 years ago - Sure you dont want it to be black and blue ;) hahaha