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Foundation Training
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Foundation Training helps people get rid of their back pain, we want to show people living their life to the fullest, doing things they typically wouldn't be able to do if they had back pain.

We need photos that will look good on web / with text over.

They should do a good job of capturing authentic moments that inspire/drive people to want to be a part of something + take action.

Photos of people doing everyday things (picking things up, slouching, doing the dishes, etc.)
Photos of people doing particular sports
Sports to consider: A few extreme, a few traditional/ball sports, a few endurance Sports Veteran’s photos, fireman, public service folks, Parents, grand parents / holding children.
Diverse mix of people.
Close ups of people performing - portraits
The less staged the better
Someone sitting at a desk with poor posture (bending at the back, slouched, etc...)
Someone using a phone or device and bending their neck down, maybe souching
Someone hanging out on a couch slumped watching a show or similar
Person bending over to lift a heavy object - grocery bags, box, small child, etc...
Someone giving a piggy back ride

Ideally they all have a similar look and feel, lifestyle & well edited. We are likely to buy multiple photos from the same photographer.

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