Gorgeous, serious young man (17-21)

covers for my new science fiction novel series
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Photos for covers-upcoming Singularity science fiction series. Variety of poses, main character 17, emotive, serious, intense,dark-haired, blue-eyed.

Background isn't important. Need a wide range of emotive shots. I'm looking for something similar to my Mindjack covers (see here: http://www.susankayequinn.com/p/mindjack-trilogy.html) only a male model this time. The character in the story is a boy who wants to be a machine, and the series itself tackles mind-body-spiritual issues. He's an artist (a painter) trying to win ascendance into the machine-human community. So the images will be photomanipulated to show all those elements: SF, machine-human integration, spirituality, creativity. But for the photo shoot I really need a wide range of serious, expressive shots to choose from. I won't know exactly which ones will be perfect for each cover until that book is written, but the first book is already drafted, and several more will be written/published throughout 2015. Young adult books often have young male and female faces on the covers, like these:

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

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9 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project.
9 years ago - @Susan, Thanks for the nomination!
9 years ago - The 4th one is wow!
9 years ago - @noevier Ah, too bad! Thanks for letting me know.
9 years ago - @susan Quinn I have other photos of him but he lives in a different state now
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
9 years ago - @noevier Do you have access to that model still? Would it be possible to shoot more images?
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!!
9 years ago - Hey, that's awesome! You have my friend Sean in the example images.