Young female model (18-25)

a new beauty brand campaign
Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

We need professional studio photographs to be used in hi-res print ads and digital campaigns.

Photos has to be on white or very light solid background
- show full body (including feet)
- white dress (can't look clubby or too formal)

· Age: 18-35

· Height: 5’8” or taller

· Clothing: Size 0-4 (looking for slim athletic build)

· Long Healthy Hair (past shoulder length)

Model must have previous modeling experience

Closed because I no longer need visuals for this project

I didn't see one we wanted and then we decided to go in another direction. Will have another coming up.

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8 years ago - Closed because I no longer need photos. I didn't see one we wanted and then we decided to go in another direction. Will have another coming up.
8 years ago - We just talked to the buyer and they didn't see the image they were looking for so they decided to go in another direction. Thank you for all your submissions everyone! We will move our favorites into our Collection for another chance to sell them.
8 years ago - @snapwire - thanks for the update. Glad to hear they are responsive to you and still interested in making a decision!
8 years ago - @astankus28 We have been in contact with the buyer and they have assured us that they are still looking to make a decision for this request.
8 years ago - So what ended up happening with this?
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite but I won't be able to book models and get the shoot completed within two days. Keep me in mind for future projects. Have a good day.
8 years ago - To all that complained about "pros" submitting photos that don't even come close to the request: Most of these "pros" got this level by doing just what they are doing here. Before Snapwire put limits in place I noticed people were putting 40 or 50 vacation photos up. 80 to 100 points per request.
8 years ago - Shooting for this request tomorrow! Excited to submit, hopefully I can help you obtain the image(s) you see best fit for your advertisement campaign.
8 years ago - @SM_Photogarphy - Have a studio shoot happening this weekend as well with a model. So more on target images are coming!
8 years ago - @tara mattera - Please don't lose hope from all the unusable photo submissions. I for one am diligently working on your request, and likely others are as well. I've got a studio shoot with a beautiful model and professional hair and makeup happening for this request on Monday. So hang tight! ;)
8 years ago - Thank you for your concerns and bringing these issues to our attention. We are working on solutions and are in communication with the request creator. Hang in there with us and we apologize for any inconvenience.
8 years ago - I agree with Gary & Julie. Also, how do we know whether a buyer is real? @Snapwire should have some authentication in place, so we don't have to go through all the work (of hiring a model, spending time etc.) on a project that might not be real.
8 years ago - I feel there should be a place on each photo that others could mark it as not meeting the criteria. After so many, it is removed. And after a photographer has so many removed, he/she is banned from submitting.
8 years ago - What is the feel you're looking for in the photos? What characteristics or qualities should the model be embodying/conveying? What sort of facial expressions? What kind of makeup? Any additional info on the brand campaign would be helpful in creating the perfect photo for your needs. Thanks!
8 years ago - But the worst is seeing some with the status of 'pro' submitting images that obviously do not meet the creative brief!
8 years ago - It would be great to have a way for the photographers to be able to communicate from the portfolio page. The longer I am on this site the more requests I see having tons of images not matching the creative brief. Would be nice if @Snapwire would limit or remove people for obvious cases of ignoring
8 years ago - Agree with Julie, mark and Forrest. I also would like to see a way to talk with other photographers from their portfolio page. There seem to be a lot of non pros on the site and that in turn devalues it for the pros putting time and creativity into requested shoots. Read before submit!
8 years ago - My biggest complaint about the site... No mechanism to stop people from posting photos that clearly don't meet the requirements. Seems very fundamental.
8 years ago - I don't have any photos for this request, but I agree with everyone here. READ THE BRIEF!! I think they are just racking up points by posting anything on these briefs. @snapwire....something has to be put in place to put a stop to this!
8 years ago - agreed, I feel that is seeming to be the case on a lot of requests lately, very few of the photos seem to follow the brief. Kind of takes away from the site as it is just junk snapshots submitted that the requester has to go through to find any that may actually fit the brief
8 years ago - People are just submitting - brad is right. I think a response from buyer to our questions would be good. Hoping this is not a bunk buyer.
8 years ago - I feel like very few submitters actually read the full brief
8 years ago - What facial expressions / mood are you looking for with the model? Do you prefer a perspective from slightly above the model / even with the models eyes / or below the model? Thanks!
8 years ago - Does the hair color matter? Also, any way to extend the deadline? Thank you.
8 years ago - Hi, I noticed that your request says "We need progressional studio photographs." Was this perhaps a typo of the word "professional," or do you mean "progressional" as in a progression of images in a series? Since this is a campaign, will you be needing multiple photos from the shoot?
8 years ago - You mention a white or light backdrop; would a professional backdrop similar to the one behind the model in the white dress in your inspirational image be acceptable for your purposes? I would be able to use a similar backdrop. It's grey not white, but it's solid and professional looking. Thanks.
8 years ago - What is the look /feel for the model? Edgy, fun, athletic etc