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We want to capture the act of a professional photographer working with an artist to get their artwork digitized. Open to creative interpretation.

Should convey an intimate setting, in an artist studio. Not sterile. Open to

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9 years ago - @Thomasgriffin Hi Thomas. I have some images you may be interested in of a artist drawing a character portraits. If you need more images and are interested please let me know . Thanks.
9 years ago - New pic added Thomas. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
9 years ago - Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to add a web page to the iPad and take off the color palette. You can send images to I will re-shoot it with more space around the image as well.
9 years ago - @StephHerington, also, can we get the shot a bit more zoomed-out? Wanting to use on wide-screen desktop jumbotron and want to have adequate space around the subject of the image.
9 years ago - @StephHerington OR, just remove the 'color palette' part of the ipad shot. I don't want it to look like anything was created on the ipad. I want the ipad to showcase a physical artwork that was digitized and put online.
9 years ago - @StephHerington the submissions look great! How difficult would it be to have the ipad display a static web page that I send you? The low-res drawing on the ipad detracts from the message we're wanting to comm. Either leave blank, or replace with a screen shot of our website.
9 years ago - Hi Thomas, I added a few more without the notepad and added the painting to the ipad. Let me know if these work or you have other modifications you'd like to see. Thanks.
9 years ago - Thanks for the feedback @tlg08a I uploaded another shot with the artwork on the iPad. I will work on a new one as well without the notepad...
9 years ago - @StephHerington, I like the feel of the shot. It's just not exactly in tune with what we do. Its so close though. If the ipad could show a realistic version of the art image, it would be a bit closer. The note pad and writing detract from the shot, it would be better to remove that part.
9 years ago - Thanks for the invite! I'm sorry to tell you that I've not got any studio material. Tripod, kamera, objectives and nature. Tell me if that can be useful.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations. I've added an additional pic with the actual artwork on the ipad screen. Let me know if you'd like to see this with any modifications.
9 years ago - I've nominated two of the pictures. We definitely want to capture either 1) the actual photography process [with tripod, staged artwork, lighting, etc.] in a studio, OR 2) the creative, connective process [with artist and photographer together, including art, camera, materials, etc.]