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We are looking for photos that capture the essence of a musician's lifestyle.

We are looking for a mid century, nostalgic vibe. With a combination of in-studio and backstage scenarios. If possible, we would like to feature vintage recording equipment such as tape machines, recording consoles, mics, etc. Older gear has the nostalgic vibe we are after. The example photos I have provided show of Leon Bridges has the styling for the musicians we are looking for. The musicians will need to have more of an indie music, Bob Dylan style and not that of mainstream top 40 musicians. We are open to any kind of musician, as long as they look indie and hip. Various musical instruments, such as guitar, piano, organ, bass guitar, synths, etc are welcome. The photos need to be in color. And if at all possible, I would like camera RAW photos so that I can make them all look consistent if needed. You can provide styled photos as well.

The focus should be more on the instruments and less on the individual musician. We are okay with musician's being shown, just not in all of the photos. We would like a variety of options. Please take some liberty in showcasing the lifestyle of the musicians, and feel free to be creative with the locations and style.

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