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Need silhouettes of 4 people with nice backlighting in relaxed interaction.

I need silhouettes of four young adults/older teens that are backlight with a sunset. I really would like to have some of the glow and flare from the sun. The setting is a beach scene (the attached image is what I would like to see in terms of those effects). The people, two boys and two girls, should be interacting with each other, like at a casual party, and NOT posed.

Here are the character description:
Boy #1: Muscular, tall, a bit larger build than the average teen with dark hair.
Boy #2: Tall, lean with some muscle mass with brown-ish hair.
Girl #1: Tall, lean, surfer body with long brown hair (can be light to medium brown)
Girl #2: Tall, surfer body with brown long hair also

Since it's on the beach, the can be wearing their swimsuits but nothing too risque. Shorts and a t-shirt would be better. It'll be in silhouette, so attire isn't extremely important, but this is for a teen novel.

The image attached are the group of people we'd like to replace and silhouette examples.
The interaction between the four people should be relaxed, like the people we will be replacing, not like the lighting example.


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