a 1950's/vintage beach vacation

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We're looking for a very realistic looking vintage vacation photo referencing the 1950s period. We're using this to reference our 1951 heritage.

Photos should be as authentic looking as possible to be considered (Instagram filters won't cut it.) Strong composition with a sizable amount of negative space is ideal to allow for a minimal amount of copy to sit very comfortably.

Please look at the photos attached, which we are actively considering, as references.

The inclusion of people is not strictly necessary but is preferred!

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9 years ago - Great - thank you!
9 years ago - @ jmpthornton I should also add 300 DPI / highest resolution possible in order for usage.
9 years ago - @jmpthornton Actual beach photos from the decade are fine as long as they are acceptable for commercial use!
9 years ago - Would you be interested in actual beach photos from the 1950's?