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Looking for an image of a pancake’s surface. It should look perfectly cooked and delicious.

The surface of the pancake should also be evocative of the moon’s crater-filled surface. It shouldn’t look lifeless, black and white, but there should be enough in the image to make us think of the moon.

Ultimately, the most important thing is the pancake looks as appetising as possible.

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6 years ago - Non of this 324 photos are good enough?(
6 years ago - Anybody out there?
6 years ago - Pan control to mayor Cake, please update so we know it isn't fake. :))
6 years ago - any updates? the suspense is killing me 😂
6 years ago - Can anybody make me Level Up, i have some lovely pic.
6 years ago - i had the same issues and would love some answers in these few hours left so that maybe i can do something better, please?
6 years ago - how can I post a pic it's locked
6 years ago - I see they gave more time... would love to have more feedback I uploaded some a few days ago, if it has more time probably not happy with the results. What are you looking for? thanks
6 years ago - yes, some answers to these questions would be helpful - stacked, topping, etc?
6 years ago - Feed back pls
6 years ago - Pls nominate Some pictures, so we know wich kind you are looking for 😊Ty
6 years ago - I got another 3 pictures, but cant load them up, if you want to see those, tell me, i Will remove Some of the pictures here 😊
6 years ago - Can you see my photos
6 years ago - @Laura Barker ,hi if you can provide more details like background and stacked or single,on the pan or plate ,with dressing or plain etc would be helpful..I would love to work on your request..thanks
6 years ago - really hoping that you'll like my pancakes 😍😁
6 years ago - So much fun cooking, shooting and eating :D
6 years ago - omg im to late to change the pictures to lighter ones sorry
6 years ago - My belly hurts, to much pancakes 😂
6 years ago - It can be a pancake or a crepe? Do you want it in a pan like the photo or is a plate ok?
6 years ago - Tomorrow i backing pan cakes 😊