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Couples, groups of friends, a family, or even a single person but they need to look like they are having fun. The funnier the better. Funny facial expressions, laughing, sleeping, buried under a crazy sand creature body... Basically people having a fun time.
We need to be careful not to have too many kids as the main character. We could have one or two pictures featuring only kids, but on most of the pictures, it needs to be people looking in their early 20’s (at the minimum).
We are also looking for pictures of feet/footprints in the sand, beach waves, palm trees or other general beach things. For example it would be nice to find an older guy in speedo with a funny pose, a cheesy couple on the beach-selfie or a group shot

The holiday vibe we’re looking for is a sunny, joyful summer vacation. A generic beach-y environment. Beaches, hotel areas, the poolside etc. The main thing for all the picture is that they need to be casual, people posing naturally, not staged. It’s all about holiday happiness. Pictures that people actually would post on their social medias. Colourful and playful. Each time you see people, they should either be joyful, having fun or making faces. We don’t want any gloomy or annoyed look. The Instagram vibe is a good reference, but try to not use filters. These images could be selfies, or someone else taking the pictures. The people featured in the pictures can be a variety of ages. Model release is required for any pictures with people in it.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
6MP+ (ex: 2816x2112px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
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9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination. That photo brings back lots of good memories!
9 years ago - I've just added some pics hope you'll like it!
9 years ago - Hello Laura,I just wanted to thank you again for my second nomination by you today. IT IS AN HONOR ! Anything else I can do for you please get in touch with me .
9 years ago - Thanks a lot for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thank you for the nom :)
9 years ago - Thank you all i apreciate ..
9 years ago - I submitted a large array of pics .if you be more specific about what you were looking for ,i'm sure I have it----Have the best day ever
9 years ago - Great request. I have a signed Model release for all my images. Thank you.
9 years ago - Also $250 on Image Brief
9 years ago - @marysol Most cameras, even a lot of phones now days shoot in at least 6MP. I would adjust your camera settings. You should always shoot in RAW and in the largest resolution possible.
9 years ago - @marysol I assume that you are using an older camera. There is a way to up scale, but Snapwire and the client may not like it.
9 years ago - Try change settings on your camera to increase resolution. Are you shooting in raw?
9 years ago - Somebody no if its possible to upgrade megapixel on pictures? All of mine dosent have enough high resolution for participed...