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These pictures need to be Spanish themed. They can involve paella, castanets, Spanish fans etc. We are looking for pictures of typical Spanish things. We are also looking for pictures of one person, two people, or a group of people. It’s very open as long as it shows Spain. Friends holding colourful glasses of Sangria, a couple taking a selfie in front of a Spain flag, a plate of paella in front of the sea or people dancing the Flamenco. Close-ups of Spanish details in bars or restaurants are also interesting.

The holiday vibe we’re looking for is a sunny, joyful summer vacation. A generic beach-y environment. Beaches, hotel areas, the poolside etc. The main thing for all the picture is that they need to be casual, people posing naturally, not staged. It’s all about holiday happiness. Pictures that people actually would post on their social medias. Colourful and playful. The pictures should be a bit brag-y, and show how good of a time you’re having on your holiday, and say look at how amazing/hot it is here. Each time you see people, they should either be joyful, having fun or making faces. We don’t want any gloomy or annoyed look. The Instagram vibe is a good reference, but try to not use filters. These images could be selfies, or someone else taking the pictures. Model re

All photos have to look un-staged. These have to be images that you would take on
holiday and then share with your friends on your social feeds ie: Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Travel Humor Food and Drink
Inspirational Images

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9 years ago - There were some great submissions but unfortunately none were approved by their client. The request will close and we will move our favorites into our Marketplace for another chance to sell them there. Thank you everyone!
9 years ago - @Laura Barker: Thank you very much for the nominations.
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