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World Nomads
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World Nomads role is to be a constant travel companion, to inspire fellow travellers to explore their boundaries, travel informed and do so as part of a connected global community.

The traveller needs to be confident and safe, while also exploring their boundaries and getting off the beaten path
Our challenge is create a visual representation of our brand essence for the travel insurance part of the brand, without coming off as overly ‘insurance-y’
We are looking to capture the travellers’ experience

Traveller partaking outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, hiking etc
Traveller using local forms of transportation
Traveller in local communities, festivals, undiscovered locations

Our travellers:
Diversity of Global travellers (ethnicities, genders, cultures, ages 18-50)

Tone of Voice:
Authentic, “in the moment” photography.
Our brand essence “Explore your Boundaries” is a single thought that captures the spirit of our brand.
Travel is about pushing limits; challenging the status quo and your own perceptions.

Guidelines: We love travellers’ faces

Style: Storytelling, Travel Documentary Style & Real life aesthetics, Cinematic, Emotions, Movements/Action, Natural & Candid, Dramatic, Light, Sensory, Break the rules, Unusual, Dynamic, Wide angles & POV, Diversity

Avoid: Polished photos with posed models, stock commercial lifestyle, fake lighting, posing on camera, generic travel photos, luxury travel, no kids

For more info: http://goo.gl/nNeZGZ

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
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