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We are looking for photos of farms, crops, bars, farm equipment and farm animals. These will be used on social media so they should have an artistic

The shots will be used on social media so they should have an artistic feel to them.

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8 years ago - I personally love the purchased photo and after looking at the photographer collection, he has many good shots. This is how it works in stock photography sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Creative direction changes. I think the car photo represents old and rustic. Congrats!
8 years ago - It shows one photo nominated and one purchased. I thought the low price meant they wanted to buy multiple shots. We'll just have to wait and see.
8 years ago - More Snapwire BS on another $10 request to benefit only the requestor. Bravo for purchasing a picture of a poorly cropped 1/2 truck.
8 years ago - Sorry didn't realize I was on a request page. I don't know how to delete the image. (Old House in Naxos).
8 years ago - Ok i did not know @Ines Ggva thanks 👍
8 years ago - What the heck? Oh well. Easy come easy go lol
8 years ago - @diane @rommy @jason In the FAQ it is explained that buyers are free to purchase a photo whenever they want and they are not obliged to wait the end of the request :)
8 years ago - I'm a little puzzled myself!
8 years ago - Yeaps @Diane Johnson i am also confused! The request is not even closed yet....
8 years ago - Anyone else confused? Brief asked for barns and farm, no nominations for guidance and buyer purchases photo of truck?