A sandwich, chocolate and glass of orange juice

an educational textbook
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We need a basic photograph of a plate with a sandwich, chocolate bar and a glass of orange juice.

As this is for an educational publication (ELT) the photo should be clear and uncluttered, preferably with nothing else in the shot. The photo will be placed next to a headshot of a person, with an accompanying caption:

"What do they have for dinner? Complete the words.

1 a s_ _ _ _ _ _ h
2 c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ e
3 o_ _ _ _ e j _ _ _ e

Please see the three other food-related requests on our profile, as these are all for the same project - preference will be given to photographers who can submit to all four to ensure consistency!

Many thanks!

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8 years ago - It feels so nice to be nominated.... thanks
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
8 years ago - @Zooid Pictures, I am full today :). Loved all four requests and enjoyed working on them. Hopefully you would like those images! Thank You!