Grilled fish, salad and tea

an educational textbook
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We need a basic photograph of a plate with grilled fish and salad, with a cup of tea beside it.

As this is for an educational publication (ELT) the photo should be clear and uncluttered, preferably with nothing else in the shot. The photo will be placed next to a headshot of a person, with an accompanying caption:

"What do they have for dinner? Complete the words.

1 f_ _ _
2 s_ _ a _
3 t _ a

Please see the three other food-related requests on our profile, as these are all for the same project - preference will be given to photographers who can submit to all four to ensure consistency!

Many thanks!

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9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination!
9 years ago - Hi! Thanks for your comments! LeandaPhotographic: no specific requirements as to the type of fish, provided it is as clear as possible that it is fish - the photos will be printed relatively small, so it is important that the various elements are as clear and as unambiguous as possible. Thanks!!
9 years ago - Loved these requests! Had so much fun preparing and shooting can't wait to upload my photos tomorrow
9 years ago - oh, sorry never mind on the tea -- I see you said a cup of tea -- still want to inquire on the type of fish. thanks.
9 years ago - Should the tea be iced tea in a glass or hot tea in a cup? and is there a preference on the kind of fish - salmon, tuna steak, etc? thanks