Reasons To Travel

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Please Read Brief: We are looking for images from across North America and Europe that showcase the reasons why we travel. Quality images should illustrate personal and business scenarios that motivate travelers to book a car or alternatively, inspire travelers to get on the road and go! We want to be the brand that gives you a Reason to Travel. Images should show that renting a car isn’t just to get you from A to B, but can be the vehicle to get you to a family reunion, close a sale, cross an item off your bucket list or find that much needed spot for R&R. High-quality and tech-savvy imagery should reflect the brand values of Hertz and resonate with the audience.

Photographers MUST tag the location and provide optimal keywords for search.

The end goal is to trigger positive emotion and response in the audience, to inspire them to take road trips and to tap into their sense of adventure by providing content that sparks ideas on Reasons to Travel.

All shots should be taken with Instagram in mind. The use of vehicles currently offered by The Hertz Corporation (to be found on the Hertz website) is strongly encouraged, with a target audience of age 25+. Please submit your images and include as many tags as possible and MUST include the location. Images should be inclusive of people, while not focusing on the individual. We will be selecting images to use on the brand’s global Instagram account and other various social platforms.

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Adventure Food and Drink Landscape Lifestyle Travel Cities and Regions Families Nature People
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7 years ago - So, I should be able to submit 5 photos for a "shooter" status, correct for challenges? It only let me submit 3.
7 years ago - please look through my photos if the beautiful west sussex county and tell me who wouldn't want to travel and come fiahing or rowing along our River Arun xx
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7 years ago - Hope everyone likes my photos. Just started snapwire, I am a advanced photographer who embraces every moment captured through my lens :) nominations please!!
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7 years ago - hey i just post a photo. please look it
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7 years ago - The brief mentions you prefer imagery with vehicles in your current fleet, so I am curious about whether you are open to vintage photography
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7 years ago - hello... today i uploaded some photographs of sunrises.... hope you people like it✌
7 years ago - Hi @Hertz. I'm in South Africa and we have Hertz rental branches here. Are you only looking for US and EU pics? The main reason people travel to South Africa is often to see our wildlife. One can rent a car and self-safari through our national parks. Would you be interested in pics related to that?
7 years ago - we travel to see the beautys life gives us please check me out
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