Heather Carroll

  • heatherlcarroll
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Advanced
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Creative Statement

Heather Carroll is currently an Education Major student, Photographer and Artist who enjoys taking an organic and woodland approach to her photography with minimal editing. She has been in business as a photographer since February 2013. Heather believes that photography shouldn't be so overdone that the original subject is lost by the effects overshadowing it. She prefers natural lighting when possible and is enthralled when she can incorporate vibrancy in her photographs.

Heather has experience in capturing moments for children, and families in their natural settings as well as portraits. She is overjoyed when she is blessed with the opportunity to photograph milestone-moments for her clients whether it be capturing a newborn in their first week of life, a new Senior getting ready to emerge into adulthood. She is happy to share in the joy of a newly engaged couple planning their future together. Weddings are one of her favorite events to shoot because the of the elements of raw, romance and joy. Heather is overjoyed when others are inspired and uplifted by her work. Heather is committed to constant growth and education in her photography, always striving to be her optimal best!