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Wellness of the mind, body and soul are what we're looking for. Photos that illustrate fitness, strength, wholeness, happiness, comfort, peace and introspection can also illustrate "Wellness". Special consideration will be given to images that feature "Wellness" as it relates to people.
Please note that recognizable people and places must have valid model and property releases.
Mint Images is about telling stories about the world we live in. Our photographers are master storytellers that are passionate about capturing our world in a unique, authentic and visually compelling manner.
All nominated images will be considered for co-exclusivity in the Mint Images collection for licensing to its world-class clients and partners throughout the globe.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
10MP+ (ex: 3648x2736px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Paid Post to Instagram :
I agree that my photos will be co-exclusive to this StudioNow Photo Partner :
Conceptual Lifestyle Nature People
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7 years ago - Hi @Dalton, @56e2dee29e4c17d469441979. Congratulations! You have been selected by Mint Images as the winner for our Request!! :-) We have made payment for your image. Thank you for your submissions, and please do look out for our further Requests - we’d love to see many more of your images!
7 years ago - @Mint Thank you kindly for the nominations!
7 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination!
7 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
7 years ago - @mintimages - What happens if a model release is not necessary?
7 years ago - Love these types of requests! Please check out my submissions! :)
7 years ago - Thanks so much for all your great images! Please continue to review the Creative Brief, three Inspirational Images, and Nominated Images for creative guidance. Continue to send more great images in, thank you!
8 years ago - @mintimages sorry for the misspelling, now seems live again, sorry for the confusion
8 years ago - Amazing brief!!
8 years ago - @snapwire @mintinages This request was live then disappeared, please let us know what's happening