I realized I was a Dad when...

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Dads playing dress up with their kids, reading bedtime stories, with a puppet, winning a toy at a fairground, making school lunch, etc.

We need to capture acts of care shown by ‘modern’ dads towards their children. The images should depict the little caring things dad do everyday.

The parental role of men has drastically changed in recent years with more and more men taking an active role in bringing up their kids. Yet in the media Dads continue to be depicted as bumbling dopes, incapable of changing a diaper and generally clueless about how to navigate family life.

The brief is to capture acts of care shown by ‘modern’ dads towards their children. These acts of care should not de-masculinise the men. All content should focus on the relationship between father and child. Situations should reflect things that are gender neutral, and not stereotypical acts of care from a dad. We do not want images of dads doing things that are stereotypically associated with mums e.g. ironing. Please DO NOT add filters to your images.

The people in the image MUST NOT BE PROFESSIONAL MODELS, nor have been a professional model previously. We will need an additional document signed to clarify this.

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8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - Thanks so much, Alex! I love the sound of this project, I would be honored to be a small part of it! :)
8 years ago - Many thanks for the nomination :)
8 years ago - @Focus1 Hey. We would prefer colour photos but B&W may work so feel free to upload them and we'll have a look! Thanks!
8 years ago - Are B&W shots ok??
8 years ago - @Veronica - do you possibly have anymore photos like the one you uploaded of the child playing with the dad on the bed? Are there anymore from that photo set? We are looking for images that show dads being used as climbing frames...!
8 years ago - @Ari55 - could you please upload your three images without filters or post production please?
8 years ago - Thanks for the nom
8 years ago - Thank you for the invite. I will see what I can come up with.
8 years ago - @Alexwilliamson, thanks kindly for the Nomination! Very much appreciated.
8 years ago - Hey guys. For those of you that have uploaded images with a filter added in post production, please could you upload the original images as well? These photos are beautiful but we may not be able to use filtered images in project... It would be a shame to lose them if we don't have to! Thanks!
8 years ago - @piccolotakesall Yes we are looking to purchase multiple images.
8 years ago - Thrilled with the nomination; thanks so much @Alexwilliamson!
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination.....appreciate it :)
8 years ago - Thank you so much, @Alexwilliamson! Great to be nominated for this challenge.
8 years ago - Thanks for the noms, Alex! Truly appreciated!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! Much appreciated!
8 years ago - @alexwilliamson Thank you so much for nominating my shot! I'm so glad you like it!
8 years ago - @alexwilliamson Hi, Alex. Just curious, are you considering purchasing multiple images?
8 years ago - Thanks for the update!
8 years ago - Good info thanks
8 years ago - Great! Thanks for the additional info, Alex. :)
8 years ago - Awesome brief on this request. Thank you :)
8 years ago - Seems pretty positive. Thanks for your feedback Alex
8 years ago - Hey guys. The end use will be content posted on the Facebook page for a global male beauty brand. These images will create a portion of content used to celebrate father's day on behalf of this brand that supports real men and their relationships with their children. Hopefully that information helps!
8 years ago - Yes, what will the images be used for? Thanks.
8 years ago - @alexwilliamson Hi Alex, Thanks so much for your detailed brief! I have a few images I may be able to submit, but I need to get permissions first... and when it comes to children, knowing the end purpose is always helpful. If you could help out with that, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :)