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We are looking for (11 unique) photos of full kitchens and various kitchen elements that will be used to educate viewers on different interior architecture and design styles. The photos should be in line with interior design photography—natural light whenever possible, artistic staging, open and airy, etc. The full list of images needed is as follows:

Open concept kitchen:
Should be a wide shot of an open concept kitchen

Modern Kitchen:
Wide shot of modern kitchen with modern design elements

Open shelving - Kitchen:
Mid shot of open shelving in a kitchen. Should show the concept, but viewer should get a sense of the surrounding area

Chef’s kitchen :
Wide shot of a chef’s kitchen

Kosher kitchen:
Close up of items that are in a Kosher kitchen. These can be things like two ovens, two sinks, or two refrigerators

Farm sink:
Mid of a farm sink. Should get a sense of the surrounding area

Dine-in kitchen:
Wide of a kitchen with integrated dining area

Retro styling:
Close up of retro kitchen styling

Stainless steel appliances:
Mid to close shot of stainless steel appliances

Double oven:
Mid of double oven

Custom backsplash:
Mid shot of custom backsplash with oven or counter in view

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
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