Arianne Autaubo

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Creative Statement

Hello, I am Arianne Autaubo. I am an 'Ndn girl (native american), born & raised along the front range of Colorado with big love for the mountains & a passion for just about anything involving outdoors, love, neutral colors, good smells, plaid, football, fire pits and warm socks. I'm the oldest of three sisters and my family is my world. My world currently resides around my fella, my dogs and my awesome grown bonus kiddos.

My objective in creating an AMA photo is simple... to capture that quick second, that breath and that sweet pause in life's most honest moments with technique, skill and image integrity. Some people become photographers because they love cameras. I became a photographer because I love the world around me. I thrive on telling stories through photos.

Thanks for your interest in my work & I hope to meet you.