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For this challenge, we’re looking for photos of people engaged in fitness activities. All genders, ethnicities, and ages welcome. Subjects shouldn’t look like models (no stiff poses or smiles at the camera), but people genuinely engaged in their moment of fitness. Examples: jogging, weightlifting, crossfit, any outdoor sports, yoga, hiking. Natural lighting without any over-stylization. Happy shooting!

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8 years ago - thanks for the nominations
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination Elizabeth!
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
8 years ago - Hi @elizabethmaloy. We just uploaded 5 photos for this request but, due to technical issues, I don't think they made it to you in time. If SW permits it, you're welcome to see them in our portfolio. I hope you find what you're looking for!
8 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination Elizabeth! @elizabethmaloy