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Want photos of father and son for a self published book cover for print and ebook.

The story is a personal narrative by the son at the age of 15 years when the father is hospitalized due to a stroke that eventually leads to his death shortly thereafter.

The photo should convey innocence and sorrow, yet hope and strong will of character.

A father and son sunset silhouette is the immediate "cliche" imagery that came to mind. Would like something different and unique.

Happy to answer any questions and look forward to your creative ideas and suggestions.

Thank you!

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8 years ago - I apologize, after asking permission I was denied :/
8 years ago - My thought process is just "is this image portraying the characters or is it portraying the relationship between father and son"? I'm submitting a picture of my twin(24) and his son(1). I imagine this as conveying the relationship between the characters.
8 years ago - With this image for the cover, do you want the father and son to be portrayed as their age in the narrative specifically?