#ShelterWithSnapwire: Porch Portraits

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57 families and counting, Snapwire Creator Stephanie Rodriguez is spreading smiles with her camera, all while staying safe & socially distant, through her "porch portraits" series. As scheduled weddings & family portrait sessions started to become unattainable, she took her creativity in strides documenting how COVID19 has affected those in her community.

Stephanie is the inspiration behind this week's #shelterwithsnapwire challenge as we encourage you to capture your neighbors from their front lawns (6 feet apart please!) and create your own #porchportraits.

Stay safe, healthy, & creative!

Reminder of the #ShelterWithSnapwire guidelines:

COVID-19 has the world quarantined, social distancing, & facing the bleak reality that most "normalcy" in our lives has come to a halt.

To fill that creative & human void, we are launching weekly challenges to creatively motivate while spreading positivity through our community. Just because you are stuck at home, does not mean your art has to be put on pause.

New challenges will be launched on Wednesday, lasting 7 days, with all themes relating to activities you can do while practicing safe social distancing.

Similar to standard SW Challenges, photos will be nominated and selected for our marketplace, but 3 winning images will be purchased.

Use the tag #ShelterWithSnapwire on social media for a chance to be featured on our accounts

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3 years ago - Dios te bendiga mucho
3 years ago - Thank you for the nominations Snapwire!!!
3 years ago - Thank you for the Nominations. Great shots from everyone! Stay safe peeps :)