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Creative Statement

“Keep the big card and give the small card to the photographer, thank you!” These are the words I can still hear my mom saying to happy prom couples about to have their picture taken. You see, I've been going to the prom since I was three years old: in my younger days when the babysitter was unavailable, to attend my own, and to work at the prom. I remember googling over the beautiful sequined dresses, and by the end of the night I had collected so many flowers that had fallen from bouquets that I had my own tiny bouquet. In high school I finally got to have my own pretty dress along with my very own bouquet. All the years in between? Well, these were spent working at the prom posing couples, photographing couples, taking candids of the dance, and choreographing and setting up the background and camera equipment. By now you may be wondering how is it that I've gone to the prom for all these years. This is because of my family's photography studio; Cover Studio – in business since 1941 – started by my Grandpa, and currently owned by my Dad. This is where I grew up: exploring the darkrooms, playing in a bucket full of styrofoam peanuts, playing dress up with the props, pestering the bookkeepers, fiddling around with taking my own pictures, and working there part-time during my high school years. Photography is the life I've always known.When I started working there full-time after college, I noticed the eye for and love of photography had been slowly developing in me over all those years. Since then I've started realizing more and more how much I am like my dad, who has quite the area reputation for quality photography. Working so closely with him has created in me a way of seeing the world differently. I see beautiful opportunities for photographs wherever I look. I notice the way the light hits objects: creating back lights, rim lights, or the sweet light just before sunset. I observe every little detail, and have no problem doing something over again until it is perfect in my eyes.My skills really began to grow when I started attending the Triangle Institute for Professional Photographers. Learning from experts in the field, I further developed my photography techniques and Photoshop skills. This knowledge went back to the studio where I taught everyone else what I had learned about Photoshop, and in 2007 I began transitioning the studio into the digital era.With the coming of the digital age, darkrooms and all the giant film machines were no longer needed. Therefore, in 2010 we converted an old farmhouse located in a more prosperous area of town into our new studio – downsizing and relocating from the original downtown location.Diving deeper into the digital era is when I started discovering how much I like designing: albums, greeting cards, ads, composites, business cards, name it, and I like to design it. I enjoy figuring out how to lay images out on a blank canvas, fit everything into a designated space while making it appealing and eye catching, and presenting the finished project.Working in the family business has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world – having visited 13 countries so far and having thousands of photographs documenting my adventures. In 2013 I stepped out of my comfort zone to go teach English in Thailand and Italy. Upon my return, I ended up in a different part of the state, making it difficult to work at the studio full-time. However, I managed to continue doing what I enjoy by designing and photographing for a motorcycle rental company and then for a country western accessory wholesaler.So what comes next, you may wonder. Well, I am now happily working independently as a Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer seeking opportunities that allow the freedom to work remotely. Let me help you with all your photography, design, imaging, and marketing needs. I encourage you to understand what I can do for you by taking a moment to browse through my portfolio.Again, what comes next? Working for you on your next project! I assure you, you will not be disappointed.Experience the difference...the difference is experience. Have camera, will travel – please!