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Creative Statement

I perform not because it is what I do, but it is what I am. Not because it is how I make my living, but how I make my life

My name is Michael A DePiro. I am an Actor, Dancer, Singer, Professional Magician, and owner of Michael DePiro Entertainment, and Actorshelper.com. I have been performing for 14 years and have owned my own business since I was 13. I perform National and State wide shows. In those shows I Sing, Dance, Act, and Perform Magic. I was inspired most by my Uncle Frank DeSal he has performed on Broadway with some of the greatest Broadway stars. I have performed in a number of different productions ranging from Musicals, to straight plays, to my own shows that I created, Directed, and Produced. I love my career, and I love the people that support me the most in it, My Friends and Family. I love them all and thank them for all the support they give.

Newspapers review:

When Michael DePiro was 3 years old he started to perform. At age 4 Michael started to perform magic, on top of Acting, Dancing, and Singing. At age 7 Michael started performing his own shows that he created for his neighborhood. What began as a hobby now is a paying job for this young man at Altoona Area High School. "I started getting used to the crowd. I loved the applause," he said.
Michael Performs around 100 shows a month. Along with help from local assistants and crew. "Acting and Magic, performing in general is what I like," Michael Said.
His father, Michael Sr., said he is proud of his son. "He does very well at it. He's been practicing since he was just a boy. He seems to really like doing it," DePiro Sr. Said.

Dancing, music and acting are a huge part of Michael's Tour. For the smaller shows, he performs card and coins tircks and other illusions. I put different types of skits together with music. We add magic in there with it because it mixes it up. You definitely have to have showmanship and the ability to go onstage." he said.

"I've done this so much, I continue to get bigger and better as time goes on," he said.

Along with 200 card tricks and dozens of coin tricks, Michael can make objects and people disappear and reappear.
"The kids really like me. They really like my magic. They always say, "Do some magic," Michael Said of his classmates. " I say you can't believe it until you see it. I had a friend that did not believe, until I performed for her. I make them into believers."

College may be in Michael's Future, but his ultimate goal is to make it big in performing. "I may go to college, but I've already taken a bow on stage, " he said.

I would like him to go to college. I would like him to do both. I guess I'm greedy," DePiro Sr. Said, laughing.

"This is something I am going to carry on with for the rest of my life," Michael said with a huge smile on his face.

Michael DePiro, Billed as one of the youngest professional magicians in the world starts his 2010 tour soon.