Heather Graham

  • Hgraham
  • Swanton, OH
  • Explorer
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  • Abstract
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Creative Statement

I am a busy mom, with five children. As a child I continually dreamt of becoming a photographer, traveling the world, and taling it as my life career. Life happens and sent me a different route; yet though I did not take up classes for it in college, or pursue it even after high school, I still much love the hobby! I am one of those people that take so many photos of anything, and everything, my phone reaches it’s capacity often. I snap my camera at all things in life: my children, nature, commercial living, technology, wildlife, architecture, EVERYTHING! I can’t help it! I love the art in photography, and the way a certain angle of view point, or positioning of lighting, can make a simple ordinary moment seems magical. I believe in capturing moments for mementos to look back on, to feel a past feeling once again, to preserve the fast pace life that is here and gone too quickly, or to allow someone else to witness the world through someone else’s eyes.

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