Nick Karpov

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Creative Statement

Nick Karpov is an award-winning, professional and specialist photographer and cinematographer and designer with 16 years' experience with a diploma from a world-famous cinematographic/photographic university.

He explored an interest for cinematography and photography at the age of thirteen, creating his first object animation. Ever since, he follows his passion and develops it even more. He has adopted skills from the world-famous master and DOP, Vadim Yusov, who helped him to create his own vision in composition, style and lightening.

Nick's work got internationally recognized at films and photo festivals, winning over 20 awards. Among all prizes, there are several for the best cinematography and photography. He also established himself as an art designer for many design projects where he brought his ideas that have been realized for branding companies, products and other purposes.

His projects include films (documentary/feature), magazine covers, corporate photo/headshots, commercials, fashion stories, model portfolios, events etc. Projects have been made for many individual clients, companies and agency from different countries.