Scott Boden

  • bodenphoto
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA, Toledo, OH, USA
  • Master - Pro
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  • Architecture
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Creative Statement

I love location photography. I love the challenges that using natural light brings. I find that the available light is perfect for any image as long as you bend it and use it to your advantage. I work in a broad spectrum of photography. I photograph life and it's objects whether it be children, landscapes, products, celebrities, houses the list is endless. I love fine art. Anybody can throw up some lights and snap a photo and edit it afterwards. I create my work in camera and adjust it as needed. I am no digital artist, I am a photographer and I strive to create the most beautiful images using what nature provides and my camera. I still prefer film, but the industry has moved to digital so I do what is required including setting up lights to fund my film addiction.