Bryan Gagner

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Creative Statement

Bryan Gagner has been taking pictures for 16 years. He is largely self taught and specializes in landscape and nature photography. After studying environmental biology and secondary teaching at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he got his first Nikon SLR right before moving to Maine to be a middle school teacher. His interest in photography slowly grew over the years through teaching and other such jobs as a furniture makers apprentice, carpenter, and lobster boat sternman only to fully realize that it was going to be his life in 2002. Bryan now lives in Mascarene, New Brunswick, Canada with his wife Sadie and two boys Rye and Alden on the east side of Passamaquoddy bay. He loves the coastal landscape and all that it stands for; people, fishing and farming community, ledges, islands, mountains, flora and fauna, flotsam and jetsam. He is committed to preserving this way of life and the surrounding land and seascape.