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Creative Statement

Just a normal average guy who once had his fun. A guy who misses those wonderful memories of back then back when everything was so perfect, with friends and especially Family. The family that once were and now is now no more. For those that understand me, you know what I mean, but for those that don't, well what can I say. You have a perfect family. I'm that guy that once loved everyone and everything. But now don't even love myself. That guy that wonders what happened to me? What changed me? .... Guess I'll never know.. Anything else, well I'm just a sweet, lovable, caring, fun, outgoing guy. Idk anything else, just ask.. One thing before I stop here, I do Love My Family , my kids, my mother and father who I miss a lot. And my brother who I love and miss. I love you all.. Anything else you wanna know don't hesitate to ask???? Don't be shy, I'm all ears..