J. C. Wallace

  • mcF1y
  • San Francisco, California
  • Advanced
  • 2542pts

Creative Statement

My photography is completely selfish. I take photos, not necessarily to capture moments but, to capture subjects and scenery that are provocative to my eye. When I see something interesting and feel compelled to shoot it, I aim to either create something completely different or focus on qualities that make that subject or scene unique.

I’m inspired by everything and everyone around me. These inputs influence my perspective on the ever-changing world. I try to use my camera to document those shifts. Other photographers’ perspectives challenge me to keep innovating and trying different things, too.

My photos tend to focus on serendipitous composition, unintended patterns and boldness of color. The photos on display represent scenes/ subjects that may not be as they seem. I love that photography puts me in control of how something can look forever.

Most of my photos are taken with and edited on an iPhone 5 and VSCO Cam.The iPhone allows me to do things that I never knew were possible to the photos that I take; it’s magical.

My passion for photography has steadily intensified since moving to San Francisco from Atlanta, GA in January 2014. The photos on display are a snapshot of my evolution as an artist throughout my life. From making beats in my college dorm room to climbing on desks at Square to get the perfect shot, you can often find me creating something. I appreciate this opportunity and hope my art causes you to question the realities in front of and around us.