Bente Andermahr

  • muddleheaded
  • Adelaide SA, Australia
  • Master - Pro
  • 2pts
  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Fine Art
  • Street
  • Travel
  • Urban

Creative Statement

imperfection, incompletion, impermanenceMy photographic work is influenced by one or all of these three concepts, expressing myself through my placement in and interpretation of the places and spaces where transient beauty is found in the unbeautiful, incomplete or the imperfect.I draw my inspiration from the urban environment within which I live, work, interact and travel; particularly streets, buildings, industrial sites, airports, ports and places where people pass through.Through my photography, I seek to express my place in the world, working with formalism to control what I see but finding a place where those textural elements and special compositions are imperfect, unexpected and proving that nothing lasts. “Wabi-sabi is an intuitive appreciation of a transient beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life in the spiritual world.” Andrew Juniper: Wabi-sabi: the Japanese Art of ImpermanenceThe Japanese aesthetic is one where life is constantly changing, and whose dominant themes are ones where nature steers our appreciation to things irregular, natural, unstructured, unexpected, impermanent; rejecting things man-made, regular, metallic and controlled, striving for permanence.My challenge is to photograph those places that redefine and re-apply the principles of wabi-sabi within an urban and built environment, and to reveal those elements that reveal beauty, stillness, imperfection, transience and something of myself.