Parham Baker

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Creative Statement

I began delving into photography in the late 60’s while in junior high. I had my own darkroom and several Minolta SLRs. I continued photography and processing until years later when children came along. While I still shot, it was not as much as when I was younger.
Then came digital.
I started with a Canon Rebel XT some 8 or 9 years ago, and came back to photography full force.
I currently shoot with a Canon 7D MK II and a wide variety of lenses. I have a large variety of both studio strobe and continuous lighting.
I teach photography workshops, both free and paid, monthly. The last workshops I taught were “The Art of Cave Photography” for Carter Caves State Park and a paid workshop in my studio on “Green Screen shooting and Tethering”.
I am effectively vice-president of two camera clubs, own a newly opened photography studio, and shoot for clients like Kentucky State Parks, Uber Eats, and more.
I am extremely proficient in editing in Photoshop and I’m very internet savvy. For many years I owned computer companies, so anything computer comes natural to me. I am also beginning to do more video and learning to edit with Davinci Resolve.
As to the types of shoots I do, I have shot food at over 100 restaurants. I shoot green screen for Cosplay and more in my studio. I shoot real estate, both commercial and residential. For fun? Nature and Wildlife.
I look forward to making some great imagery for you!