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Creative Statement

Thomas J Photography | Thomas J. Gravelle Jr

A Michigan native, Thomas visited Nashville, loved it and has been here ever since. Thomas was drawn to Nashville. Located in the heart of the south, Nashville is a great mix of urban and country living, with people from every walk of life. It continues to grow and develop and he is proud to call Nashville his home.

Thomas is passionate about his family and his work. He has great energy, sense of humor, and is very much an optimist by nature. During his personal time, he plays and records music. Among many others, he plays the drums, guitar, and keys. He thrives when he’s engaging his creativity. Whether it’s shooting, designing, making art, or playing music; Thomas is a creative soul and has a special eye for the broad spectrum of arts.

Photography was a natural fit for Thomas. Having spent most of his childhood and young adulthood shooting pictures of friends and family, Thomas naturally finds a way to help people express who they are and capture the most important moments in their lives.

Thomas is passionate about providing professional service to his clients. He has dedicated himself to excellence. His experiences with his own businesses have given him an edge as a professional photographer. He specializes in all areas of photography such as weddings, individual, engagement, newborn, group, and music/arts sessions. He provides photography services to all of Greater Nashville and beyond.

Thomas J Photography, LLC is focused on helping you preserve every special moment in your life because they happen so fast; passing like the blink of an eye. His understanding of the art of photography will help make your experience and photos superior and your friends and family will want to know how they can get photos like yours. Your satisfaction is a measure of his success and your referrals are key to the growth of Thomas J Photography.